Welcome To My Nightmare!

Well, I am back. It's been, what?... a year since I dismantled Robb's Place v 6.0. Far too many things happening in my life to get back here and get this done up right. Or I was (am?!) too lazy to do anything about anything.

Well, now I'm here. Let the bells ring out and the banners fly. I know it's too good to be true, but I'm here!

If you've been to Robb's Place before, you will notice that nothing has changed but the way everything looks. The content is still -- STILL!! -- the same as it ever was. Yup, originality is not a part of my psyche. So, at this point if you are a returning visitor, I'd suggest you go find something more real. Now. Otherwise, let me tell you a wee bit about this Place of mine.

The Blog has been decimated due to stupidity on my part. I deleted my archives during a bout of cleaning my hard drive. All gone. Poof! All I have left are some entries from 2005 to 2010 when I was writing under the Blogger system. I'm trying to figure out how to get them up into the Wordpress program. If ever...

Family hasn't changed at all. No additions, no subtractions (thank gawd!!). At the very best, I may have some new pics posted.

Fishing is a total bust. I've been fishing five or six times over the past four years, and not at all (so far) in 2015. I am seriously considering selling my gear and giving up the pursuit. And taking the Fishing section down, too, since it just won't get updated.

Recovery is... well... recovery. It's what got me to this point in life. Still, I guess you could say it's SSDD. Samo old, same old. The Recovery section will never leave Robb's Place, but I doubt if it will get much updating. But, what the heck, hm? It is the biggest section here.

So. Here I am. Here you are. The rest............ is up to you.

Post-script: 16 February 2016. This is a test of version 7.2.
Version 7 was a bust. v7.1 did not fair any better.
This try is to make Robb's Place a bit more mobile friendly.
Almost have it...