This is MY fishing!

And that means everything you see and read here is my limited and simple experience of fishing. I'm just a rank amateur at the sport and I don't claim to have any type of special knowledge.

Listed in the drop down box below are the various fish I went for, in order of personal preference. All are local fish (of course) and all can be found in the Ottawa River, where I did a lot of my line time. A couple, like Musky or Sturgeon, are accidental (read: "caught while fishing randomly").

There are no Salmonids in the above list. That's because I never targeted them directly.
The image of me on this page is my very first and only wild rainbow trout caught on a fishing trip in northern Minnesota (it was fun, Steve!) It was the sole (no pun intended) fish caught on two separate full day excursions.
I tried salmon fishing over a two day period on the Ganaraska River in Port Hope, ON... which was a bust. Never fished for lake trout or brookies or steelhead. Thus, no listings.

I am currently running a Youtube channel called "Fishing Ottawa with Greybeard". I'm also constructing a Fishing Ottawa website on Robb's Place. It's a work in progress. And finally, I have a Fishing Ottawa group on MeWe! You gotta sign up to MeWe to see it.

During my researches for the production of these fishy pages, I discovered a web site of great information. It covers all (and I mean ALL) of the different varieties of fish found in the Ottawa or National Capitol Region. From abundant fish like the Rock Bass to the more obscure and rare Cutthroat Trout, this site gives data on fish descriptions, locales, breeding habits, images, and pretty well anything else you could possibly want to know about local Ottawa fish. Heck, Goldfish even get a mention. There's also the odd note on how to angle for some of them!

My first rainbow trout
My 1st (& only!) Rainbow Trout

Springtime catfishing
Springtime Catfishing

Catfish tattoo flash
Catfish Tattoo Flash
(by Amber Simpson)

Catfish tattoo
Catfish Tattoo