Here are a few documents for use at the Home Group, Area, or Personal Recovery level. The majority were gathered and adapted from docs found on the Internet. I've placed them here for anyone to use in their service and recovery work.

Feel free to take whatever you may need and modify them to fit your requirements. There's no need to throw a reference back to me or my website (tho' my ego would be eternally grateful!) In other words, don't worry about any copyright infringement, proprietary right, restricted use, claim, ownership, or possession issues.
(Mind you, just to be on the safe side, perhaps you should read this disclaimer first!)

Group Inventory : An Excel spreadsheet with 5 choices from "Agree" to "Disagree" along with a second sheet to enter the number of check marks for each choice that will produce a percentage tally [.xls]

Group Inventory : A one page doc of questions with space for the member to write in (taken from the Group Booklet, © 1990, 1997 by Narcotics Anonymous World Services, Inc.) [.doc]

Group Inventory : A four page doc of questions, some Yes / No, and all with space for the member to write in [.doc]

12 Concepts Inventory : A three page series of questions based on the Twelve Concepts (w/ thanks to the GSANA PI of NH, USA, North America, Terra, Sol, Milky Way, Glarn Sector, Prime Omniverse!!) [.doc]

"Original" Step Guide : Similar to the Step Working Guide I posted on my Recovery Page, but with a few different questions. (tnx Barbi!) [.doc]

12 Traditions Personal Inventory : A 12 Traditions personal inventory. Different than what I worked with my sponsor, but excellent. [.doc]

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