It's not all my stuff, but I've claimed it as mine since it was freely given to moi. Some of it is great to print up and place in conspicuous spots to remind one (well, me) of the joys & pains of life. Then again, "conspicuous" is totally a matter of perception.
Take what you need and just leave the rest. Enjoy!

The Journal : Here are a few entries from my actually hand-written journal.
Serenity Prayer (Extended Version) : My favorite.
Insanity : In November of 2002, I "trashed" my Home Page to look like this. ay-yup, this is the look of insanity! (NOTE: This page does not display well on tablets or phones in Portrait mode!)
Wings : A poem inspired by an image my daughter put up on the computer (the pic is at the end)
A Riddle : Guess the answer to this. It'll make you smile
Yesterday Today & Tomorrow : This is cool. I made one change to the original I received. Guess where.
Addiction : I believe that after you read this, you'll stop and think for a bit. Well, only if you're an addict.
Addict : From a multi-part email I got. This is Part 1, definitions of an active addict
Drugs/Addiction : This is Part 2
N A : This is Part 3
Don't Quit : From a friend's bookmark that I wanted to share
Letter of Resignation : Then again, if ya wanna quit...
Marbles : How one person made a difference. A truly beautiful story
Rewards of Life : Ah, but that this was me
Friends : A rather poingant piece of prose. A gem that soared thru the email mush
Deep Thoughts : Kibbles and bits I've picked up here & there. Helping to keep recovery simple
Grateful : Gratitude, aye, t'is a wonderful thing
Facts of Life : In 2 parts. What I was given and the snide, hyper-critical remarks I made after each fact. (I was having a really bad day)
Positive Side of Life : Hey, things ain't so bad! Just gotta look at 'em different like
Rules for Being Human : On a wall at the Cybercinno Cafe. Thanks Kim... and sorry that the Cafe is now closed
The Cottage : A poem I wrote in dedication to the family Cottage. Plus a bit more...

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