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The only thing missing from that is the Fellowship I consider myself to be a member of. It shouldn't be very hard for you to figure out as you wander thru the pages in this part of my place. Heck, the logo above should be enough! I purposely left it unnamed right here because I caught grief (understandably?) from some other members who quoted scripture.... errr... Traditions at me. The rest of this section... well, sue me.

Whatever, eh. Recovery is what has kept this ol' boy alive, well, and relatively sane far past the "Best Before" date I had set for myself. The writings and so on you will find here give a capsule view of my recovery from......... yes, well, addiction, hm?

Follow the links below. There's a lot there, so have patience. And, if you wish, send me an email if you have a question or comment to make.

My Stuff : Assorted writing by me and others (w/ credit due)
A Step Working Guide : I was given this so very long ago to first work my Steps. I made a few changes to keep it current.
Listen to Recovery : Need a message of Recovery? Now?? Then go "hear"...
Various Documents : Personal, Group, & Area Inventory docs, plus another Step Guide
Clean Time Calculator : Years, Months, Days, Minutes, Seconds, even Milliseconds! It will tell you what day you got clean on and how many days there are until your next clean time anniversary (in days, hours, minutes, and seconds, oh my!!). Strictly for those utter perfectionists out there... (try entering your birthday!!)

I am not responsible for the content on any outside links found here, or anywhere else on this website. I am, however, responsible for those links being here. If you find any of them offensive in any way, use the email link above.

If the logo didn't help, this might...

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Call your sponsor

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