This is the guide from which I first worked the Steps. It was given to me as freely as I offer it to you. My hope is that this helps you find the same Serenity, Courage, Wisdom, and Strength as I have in discovering who I am, and who I can be. And also in helping to make those changes necessary that will aid you in finding a new way to live, drug-free.

These pages have been modified somewhat from the time that I first used them. They include some exercises using the text 'It Works: How & Why'. Both the 'Basic Text' and 'It Works: How & Why' are valuable and powerful tools in my recovery. They are what I call "the blueprint" upon which I build my recovery and life, and the Steps are the structure within which I learn to live and grow. Use them with an open mind, for I believe that they will assist you as they have many others before you.

This guide is not intended to replace The NA Fellowship Approved Step Working Guide. It can, however, help in providing another viewpoint, an additional way to work the Twelve Steps.

Remember, there is NO right or wrong way to do the Steps. It is a continuous and non-stop process of living, learning, and growth. What you do here will probably not be the same as when you do these Steps later on. Don't be hard on yourself if suddenly you remember something that could have been added to a Step already completed. It is those very realizations that show that the Steps are working in your life.

Keep The Faith*


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